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"It’s one hell of a hustler. Losing weight and introducing top-spec Öhlins to the mix has taken the Triumph’s handling to the next level. It will muller sportsbikes on twisty mountain roads." - Fast Bikes (Facebook)

"Nothing appears to upset the handling, it really is a joy to ride, fast or slow – engine and chassis are truly the best of both worlds. The Triumph’s wonderful spread of torque makes it an effortless ride. You don’t have to chase the revs; you’re always in control. It didn’t just deliver, it walked to the front of the class and got a gold star, and proved, once again, to be a brilliant road bike." - MCN

Person riding a Tiger 800 off road

The New Tiger 800

The new Tiger is refined, fun to ride and boasts the quality and spec of a large adventure bike in an easy-to handle middleweight package - Laura Thomson, Visordown

New Tiger 1200

"Stand out quality,further enhanced by clever use of technology" John Urry, MCN

"Just back from the launch of the @OfficialTriumph Tiger 1200. Fabulous bike. Power delivery and handling significantly better than Explorer, and dash is a work of art." Geoff Hill, Daily Mirror

Bobber Black

This is a bike that not only looks fabulous, but also delivers in spades. It rides wonderfully, sounds and feels authentic and delivers a fantastic riding experience on every single level. It could actually convert those who have laughed at bobbers in the past into real fans of this style of machine – it really is that good.- MCN

The Bobber Black is a fantastic bike in so many ways. It’s more than a styling exercise… it’s an upgrade and the first of the Black editions to get upgraded parts. 
In the process it has created a motorcycle that has a completely different vibe to the original Bobber. It’s darker, moodier and the fact that it’s now slightly harder to push into a corner might even make is a bit ‘badder’. In a good way! - BikeSocial

Street Triple

"Well deserved of our 5-star rating, the new triple hits harder, spins-up faster and belts out its shrieking, bass-laden, acid-infused soundtrack higher up the decibel range, through its lighter new airbox and exhaust - It’s clear its new 765cc motor is an absolute gem of a thing and has comfortably taken this iconic engine to another, unrivalled level."- MCN

"It is one of the finest motorcycles I've ridden in years, that's quite a statement, I know, but this is one hell of a bike." - Bennetts Bike Social