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Project Manager - Mark



1) How long have you worked for Triumph?
I have worked for Triumph Motorcycles Ltd for 17 Years now.

2) What education did you have prior to working for Triumph?
Nicholas Chamberlaine, Bedworth. Starting straight from school after studying for my  A-Levels. I eventually decided that Triumph was the company for me.

3) Why did you choose to work for Triumph?

Triumph at the time was a local British company, producing a prestigious product that really grabbed my attention. Originally I applied for the role to gain experience and knowledge in the recruitment process. There were 12 trainee positions offered in 1996 with over 200 applicants, and I was extremely lucky to be selected as one of them. I was taken on as an apprentice, as a trainee store man whilst studying warehousing, wholesaling and stores courses at college which were then assessed on the job.

4) Where else have you worked within Triumph?

Materials handling is where I first started as a trainee, with on-the-job studying and assessment alongside this. I then progressed to Assembly where I became a Team Leader both in the Chassis and Powertrain areas; I learnt vast amounts throughout this time. After this I was given the opportunity to become a Team Leader in the Design and Development workshop, experiencing new aspects of work every single day. I now work as a Project Manager in the Value Engineering Department focusing on key aspects of the manufacturing process.


5) What work do you get involved in on a day-to-day basis at Triumph?

Supply chain management within the purchasing department is a key area of the role. I work closely on design and development aspects, and also get involved in trying to use common parts across our model ranges to try and achieve the most efficient working methods possible. Working with colleagues across the business to measure effectiveness and efficiencies of systems within our current manufacturing processes. I also enjoy getting stuck into resolving customers queries no matter how big or small. 

6) What role do you have within your team at Triumph and how do they help you?

I am part of the Value Engineering Department, I work closely with Richard who solely focuses on internal manufacturing processes, both in the UK and overseas. For example we currently run a Kaizen improvement scheme across the business.


7) What do you like best about Triumph?

Job titles are not specific to your role. Due to the complexity of manufacturing processes a wide range of tasks are asked to be carried out. This leads to vast amounts of learning throughout all areas of the business. You get to interact with lots of people around the company and learn various different aspects to the company. I also gain satisfaction from working closely with the customers to achieve the best job possible.

8) How have you progressed whilst working at Triumph?

I have found that a company like Triumph rewards honesty, integrity, transparency and punctuality and if you’re prepared to give that bit extra you will be rewarded.

9) What did the recruitment process involve when you applied to work at Triumph?

I had to complete two lots of tests, numerical, verbal and then participate in a problem solving task that was timed, I then had a day in Materials Handling which was in effect a full day's line trial. Following this I had an interview with all relevant hiring management within the department. However, the recruitment process has tightened a considerable amount since I joined!  It’s a lot harder to get in now!

10) Describe Triumph in 3 words?

Passion, Pride, Performance.



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