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Triumph Motorcycles Classic bikes in warehouse

Bonneville T120


Arguably the most famous name in motorcycling, Edward Turner’s design swansong for Triumph in 1958 turned out to be his masterpiece. It was the Bonneville T120. Featuring incredible performance and perfect proportions, it’s regarded by many as the definitive British classic.

Named after Triumph's 214mph landspeed record in 1956 it inspired a whole new generation of teenage cafe racers and built a legendary reputation backed up with action. It took John Hartle to victory at the Isle of Man TT and broke records in 1969 when Malcolm Uphill pushed his Bonnie over the 100mph average lap time.



Triumph Bonneville T120 Competition Green and Fusion White city shot

Introduced in 2006 the Bonneville T100 paved the way for the iconic T120 name to rejoin the Triumph line up in 2016 with an all new high power 1200cc British twin engine, the new Bonneville T120 was more beautiful more powerful and more capable then ever before and paid homage to its iconic 1958 forefather. Impressive attention to detail – brushed steel and chrome touches – make the modern T120 a head-turner.

By taking its styling cues from the original ’58 model and not being afraid to pair that with cutting-edge technology and modern riding capability, the T120 brings the iconic name into the 21st century in style. One of our most highly regarded Bonnies it continues to be at the forefront of what Triumph represents – craftsmanship, quality, performance, detail and true character.

Vintage Triumph Bonneville T120



The British classic T100 was launched in 2002, bringing the iconic Bonneville name back to Triumph with a stylish, easy handling modern custom regarded as being a fantastic all-rounder. With a passionate following of proud owners the T100 played a key part in the birth of the modern custom scene.

The first Bonneville to feature fuel injection and liquid cooling, the T100 brought the classic carb-powered Bonnie into the modern era. Transformed again in 2017, with a host of state of the art technology features and all new chassis built for confidence inspiring handling, the 900cc Bonneville T100 and T100 Black are the most accessible and advanced Bonnevilles ever made. 



Image of Triumph Bonneville T100 in orange and white colour variant, parked in urban setting.

Starting in 2002 with a 790cc engine, it was upgraded first to an 865cc with 360-degree crank, and then to the very latest 900cc twin engine with an unmistakable British engine tone. Designed specifically to deliver torque low down and through the mid range its an engine with real character that's perfect for urban riding, twisty lanes and beyond. 

Bonneville T100 Riding through town

With the introduction of the meaner and moodier Bonneville T120 Black and T100 Black in 2016 the original Bonnie spirit of individualism and style was back.




For many, Triumph made the world’s first and most iconic scrambler, evoking the image and attitude of 70s movie star Steve McQueen on his 650cc ‘desert sled’ Bonneville and daredevil Evel Knievel, with his legendary T120TT that jumped Caesars Palace fountains. Building on this peerless heritage, Triumph reintroduced the iconic Scrambler in 2006, inspiring a whole new generation of riders and becoming the poster boy for the new custom classic scene. 

One of Triumph’s most sought-after motorcycles, with its distinctive high pipes, iconic silhouette and thrilling British twin bark, the Street Scrambler has become the first choice for urban classic style and all-road riding fun.


Triumph Street Scrambler on beach action shot

One of the first places riders took their Bonnevilles to race and for fun was on the dirt and sand. Boasting impressive power-to-weight ratios, the Triumph was THE bike to scramble. One of its earliest advocates was none other than Steve McQueen, who loved to race his 650cc Bonneville across the Californian dirt tracks.

Image Source: Steve McQueen Estate
Steve McQueen pushing an iconic Triumph Motorcycle

The Scrambler joined the line-up in 2006 and was updated significantly in 2015 with the introduction of the more contemporary Street Scrambler. This motorcycle style icon has enjoyed considerable success in film and television, including becoming the bike of choice for chasing dinosaurs in blockbuster Jurassic World in 2015 and for the ultimate time traveller Dr Who in 2013.



The Thruxton legend was born with the first Bonneville and its racing success at the gruelling Thruxton 500 race series in 1958. From its debut win, with a prototype ridden by the equally legendary British racer Mike Hailwood, the T120 racer’s engine gained the nickname the ‘Thruxton’. With, initially, only 49 race-prepped engines built for the Thruxton series the name stuck and went on to not only be the title for the winning TT and US AMA Triumph production racers of the 60s and 70s but also inspired a generation of teenage cafe racers on home-modified T120s.

Reborn in 2004, and majorly updated in 2015, today’s Thruxton and Thruxton R represent the modern classic cafe racer choice, with thrilling 1200cc high-power performance and the chassis, brakes and suspension to live up to their legendary name.



Static Triumph Thruxton R on paddock stand in garage setting


It’s said that as long as there have been motorcycles, someone’s been racing them. The Bonneville, a game changer for speed and performance when it was introduced, was a top choice for the Isle of Man TT and Thruxton 500. Held mainly at the Thruxton circuit, the Thruxton 500-mile endurance race provided the perfect opportunity for British manufacturers to show what their machines were capable of. The Bonneville saw its first great racing success on Thruxton’s gruelling tracks, including locking out the top three places in 1969 and in the same year hitting the record books with the first production 100mph lap of the TT ridden by Malcolm Uphill



With European teenage cafe racers choosing the T120 to build their own ‘Thruxton’ street racers, the US East Coast importer went one step further, releasing a factory-homologated road-racing 'Thruxton' model for special order, based on the ultra-cool 1964 dirt track racing T120TT.

Image Source: Mortons Arhive

Retro Triumph riding shot

Today, that legendary name lives on in the Thruxton range. Now sporting a powerful 1200cc engine, Showa Big piston forks, Öhlins rear suspension and Brembo disks, the Thruxton has the performance and handling to tackle any cafe run and track day.

Triumph Thruxon Riding Shot



Not many motorcycles have launched with quite the same fervour and frenzy that the Bonneville Bobber did. It was the bike everyone wanted and became the quickest-selling Triumph in history when launched in 2016. 

The origins of the motorcycle date back more than 60 years ago. Its distinct styling draws on a post-war US tradition of stripping your bike to its bare bones and ‘bobbing’ the rear fender for maximum speed, with Triumphs of the day chosen by many to ‘bob’ for their performance and handling. Building on their iconic style with thrilling performance, beautiful engineering innovation and premium finish, Triumph’s new Bobber line-up marries category-defining performance with peerless, original, custom minimalism.



Red and White Triumph Bonneville Bobber static shot

Years before Triumph’s first production factory custom Bobber, riders were ‘bobbing’ their Triumphs. Returning American servicemen in the 1940s, many of whom had gained mechanical skills working on military vehicles, applied their knowledge to their motorcycles back home, stripping the best bikes of the day for maximum attitude and performance.

Image Source: Unknown

Retro image of lady on a old Triumph Motorcycle

With the birth of the modern customising scene the Triumph Bonneville has once again been embraced as the base for countless bobber custom specials, built to deliver that beautiful, pure, minimalistic bobber style and attitude, triggering the creation of the award-winning and innovative engineering masterpiece that is the Bonneville Bobber.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber infront of black shutter

True to its heritage as the basis for countless custom bike builders, the bike is just the beginning. With over 130 custom accessories for more performance and style, inspiration kits to show you the way and a global network of Triumph dealers ready to customise your bobber to your own specifications, the only limitation is your imagination and budget.



The Speedmaster story starts with the incredibly rich history of Triumph classic custom cruisers since the 1950s – distinctive and characterful British motorcycles built to deliver a laid-back cruiser style.

The 2018 Bonneville Speedmaster combines classic Bonneville custom DNA with all of the capability and high-quality finish the new generation has become known for. Add to this the Bobber’s attitude, technology, innovative elegant engineering and thrilling ride and sound, plus even more specification and practicality for two-up riding and a laid-back cruiser style, and you’ve got the perfect British classic custom.



Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster near river USA

The first twin-engine cylinder 790cc Speedmaster was launched in 2002. Its design had its heritage in the classic Triumph American spec customs of the 50s and 60s, and its evolution continued with upgrades and improvements, introducing an 865cc engine in 2005 and fuel injection in 2008.

Today, sharing many of the engineering innovations and high specification with the Bobber, the modern Bonneville Speedmaster is about laid-back attitude and the cruiser riding style, eating up miles with ease while retaining precision handling and spirited performance. The Speedmaster celebrates the British custom motorcycle heritage, which emerged in the 1950s: class-leading performance, precision engineering and premium finish, all with a healthy splash of American-influenced style.


Triumph Speedmaster in the foreground showing tank and handlebars, sunset and couple in the background



Today, the Triumph Modern Classics range offers more choice than ever. Each one sharing the leading standard of modern performance, technology, design, craftsmanship and the highest quality of premium detailing and finish.

First launched in 2001 and transformed in 2015, the new line-up combines Triumph’s timeless original design DNA and style with the latest in riding technology, accessible precise handling and the new generation of the original British twin engine, tuned for thrilling torque and sound. Beautifully modern British motorcycles, precision engineered for real character


Triumph Modern Classic motorcycle group shot including the Bonneville Bobber and Thruxton

As powerful and famous as the Triumph brand itself, the Bonneville name now encompasses a family of beautifully modern classic motorcycles. The two that most directly represent the iconic Bonnie style are the timeless T100 and T120.

Two  Triumph Bonnevilles in urban setting

The T100 is inspired directly by the original ‘59 Bonneville, powered by a torquey 900cc engine and modern electronics. Its bigger brother the T120 shares the classic underpinnings but with a more powerful 1200cc engine.

Triumph Bonneville T120 Jet black in front of garage

The Modern Classics range currently comprises:

  • Bonneville Bobber & Bobber Black
  • Bonneville Speedmaster
  • Bonneville T100 & Bonneville T100 Black
  • Bonneville T120 & Bonneville T120 Black
  • Street Cup
  • Street Scrambler
  • Street Twin
  • Thruxton & Thruxton R