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Triumph on Tour - terms and conditions

Tiger Sport 660

If you wish to take part in a Triumph ride-out you must agree to the terms and conditions below. You must also complete the declaration truthfully, so we know that you will be insured during the ride-out. Triumph reserve the right to refuse any applicant without explanation.

Terms and conditions

1 Conditions. You confirm that you:

1.1. are at least 25 years old and under 75 years old; and
1.2. are mentally and physically fit to take part in the ride-out; and
1.3. have held a full UK motorcycle licence for a minimum of 12 months; and
1.4. have no unspent driving disqualifications; and
1.5. have no more than 6 penalty points on your licence; and
1.6. have not been involved in more than one accident during the preceding 3 years; and
1.7. are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
1.8. not been convicted of any Road Traffic Act offence or series of offences where the penalty points accumulation is more than 6.
1.9. not been involved in more than one motoring accident during the preceding 3 years

2 Motorcycle Licence. You are to bring and hand-over your driving licence, which will be retained by Triumph during the ride-out.

3 Protection. You are to wear appropriate protective clothing when taking part in the ride-out. As a minimum the following is required:

• helmet
• gloves
• long sleeved jacket
• trousers
• boots that cover the ankle

4 Bike Ownership. Triumph are lending the bike to you. You have no entitlement in terms of ownership.

5 Insurance. If the conditions stated above are met, you will be covered by the insurance company appointed by Triumph. You accept that a false declaration may result in the insurance being invalid and claims may be made against you to recover damages and costs. In addition:

• you will be liable for any damages or costs, as a result of your actions, that are not covered by the insurance policy.
• you will pay any excess in the event of a claim. The current excess is £500.00

6 Riding Safely. You acknowledge that riding motorcycles is an inherently risky activity and you are competent to ride the bike that has been loaned to you by Triumph. If, at any stage, you feel unable to ride the motorcycle with confidence in a safe manner, you are to stop taking part in the ride-out in a safe and controlled way. In addition, during the ride-out you will:

• follow the lead rider at all times
• not deviate from the route set by the lead rider
• ride on your own without a passenger
• obey all speed limits and the highway code
• not overtake anyone else who is part of the ride-out, unless required to do so for safety reasons.

7 Any behaviour that is deemed to be unsafe by the instructors will lead to the ride being stopped immediately and the bike being collected by the recovery van.