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Triumph Moto2 prototype bike in the Triumph workshop
Triumph's moto2 bike being ridden around the track


Development for the Triumph Moto2™ engine prototype began in 2017.

Taken from the class-leading Street Triple RS, the 765cc prototype engine was subjected to an extensive factory development programme at Triumph Motorcycles’ Hinckley headquarters, before heading out for its first track test at MotorLand Aragón in Alcañiz, Spain, back in August 2017.

Exhaustive collaborative testing and development was key to the resounding success of the Triumph Moto2™ prototype and here we share several insights into one of the most exciting developments in the world of racing!

Julian Simon wearing motorbike helmet preparing to ride the Triumph Moto2 prototype motorbike on the track for ECU testing



At the end of Triumph’s debut season in 2019, the development work continued in earnest, with the benefit of a year’s worth of data. Working hard over the off-season, Triumph’s testing focused on using the data acquired and optimising every individual component.

From this the team focused improvements to dimensions and tolerances which allowed Triumph to soften the over-rev limit on downshifting for 2020. Combined with the benefit to the teams of having one year’s worth of data using Triumph engines, and the levelling factor of so many rider changes since 2019, the 2020 season is proving to be even faster and with even closer racing.

The records are continuing to fall in 2020 as the level of performance has climbed higher still, with new top speeds, race lap records and outright circuit records all falling again to Triumph power.



The most demanding test of the Triumph triple engines was at the hands of the riders, in the heat of battle. From the very first Grand Prix of the Triumph era in Qatar, in March 2019, the 765cc triple power revolutionised the Moto2™ class. A clean sweep of new records fell immediately, and in a thrilling first race the result was decided by a mere 0.026seconds. Moto2™ really had been reawakened.

By the end of the season, Triumph’s 765cc triple powerplants had delivered a flawless 60,000+ laps without missing a beat and completed more than 300,000km of flat out racing. Not only that, but alongside some of the closest racing the class has ever seen, Triumph powered Moto2™ to 16 new lap records including 12 outright best-ever circuit laps for the category, and 18 new fastest top speed from 19 races including the first ever 300+kmh top speed for a Moto2™ machine.




November 19, 2018.  At the final MotoGP™ race weekend of 2018 in Valencia, Spain, Triumph Motorcycles presented alongside Externpro, Magneti Marelli and Dorna to announce the significant increase in peak power achieved by Triumph’s 2019 Moto2™ race engines.




After completing a multiple phase testing and development programme lasting nearly two years that focused on maximizing performance, durability and drivability, Triumph announced that the Moto2™ race-tuned engine would deliver a peak power figure in excess of 138 horsepower.

Stuart Wood speaking at the Valencia press release for Moto2

Testing and development was done in close collaboration with race partners Magneti Marelli (ECU development) and Externpro (chassis development), Dorna, IRTA, development riders and, of course, all the Moto2™ teams and riders.  Over 2,500 ‘race pace’ laps were then completed at a range of top European circuits. 

Moto2 engine testing at Valencia race track



May 2018.  The next exciting stage of the 2019 Triumph Moto2™ Engine programme involved testing the first full Engine Control Unit as provided by Moto2™ ECU provider Magneti Marelli.


August 2017 - we took the first Moto2™ prototype out for its first major open track test at the Ciudad del Motor circuit at Aragón in Spain.



Moto2 testing images featuring James Toseland, Silverstone race track and Valencia race track
Moto2 2020 Triumph Street Triple


Whether it’s on the road or on the track, the range-topping Street Triple RS brings you closer to an authentic Moto2™ experience than ever before.

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