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Electrical Test and Development Team Leader - Peter



1) How long have you worked for Triumph?

17 years.

2) What education did you have prior to working for Triumph?

I had GCSEs and was studying for a degree prior to Triumph, which I completed a few years after joining Triumph.

3) Why did you choose to work for Triumph?

I already owned a Triumph so already really liked the brand and the bikes. When I saw the job advertised, I thought it would be a great opportunity to develop my career. After attending tests, interviews and a factory tour, I was impressed by the future plans, the company ambition, the people and the drive. 

4) Where else have you worked within Triumph?

I have always worked in Design, in the Electrical team, but work across the board with all other departments in the business.

5. What work do you get involved in on a day-to-day basis at Triumph?

My day to day role is very varied but involves planning and ensuring that our development bikes are fully supported during a large number of engine, chassis and electrical tests, both on and off site and ensuring that we have sufficient capabilities and resource to drive the process forward.

6. What role do you have within your team at Triumph and how do they help you?

As Team Leader of the Test & Development team, within Electrical, I work with a great team of people who are fully committed to doing the best job they possibly can. I am also supported in developing the team and the teams abilities to meet future challenges. 

7. What do you like best about Triumph?

The people. Without great people, we couldn’t engineer, great bikes.

8. How have you progressed whilst working at Triumph?

I started at Triumph as an Electrical Technician within an electrical team that consisted of just two people. Through hard work, drive and continuous investment, I am now the team leader of the Test and Development team, within a larger Electrical team that now consist of over 45 people.  

9. What did the recruitment process involve when you applied to work at Triumph?

I came to the factory for a day of tests, after which I was selected for interview. I was asked to return for a second interview, after which, I was offered the position. 

10. Describe Triumph in 3 words

Dynamic, efficient, ambitious.




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