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Electrical Industrial Placement - James



1) How long have you worked for Triumph?

9 months.

2) What education did you have prior to working for Triumph?

I had completed three years of an MEng Robotics degree at Plymouth University and had done Maths, Physics and Economics at A Level with an Extended Project Qualification.

3) Why did you choose to work for Triumph?

I knew I wanted to work in the automotive sector and when I saw the job listing I applied instantly because there isn’t many automotive companies that do yearlong placements and to learn in such a prestigious UK company was a great opportunity.

4) Where else have you worked within Triumph?

I have only worked within the Electrical Department but I have had quite varied work within that.
I’ve mostly done Electronic Distribution Systems work but I’ve got do some Components, Test and Development and Integration work as well which has given me quite a broad base of experience.

5. What work do you get involved in on a day-to-day basis at Triumph?

The day-to-day work varies greatly. I could be doing anything from circuit design, modifying wiring harnesses, creating custom testing equipment, writing reports for future design changes to organising testing and reviewing the data on any given day.

6. What role do you have within your team at Triumph and how do they help you?

I currently work in a team of nine people, including myself, with my main responsibility at the moment being the procurement of parts and fabrication of a custom wiring harness for an R&D bike. I’m constantly learning from my team because they have a wealth of industry knowledge that I can tap into, causing my work to be completed to a higher quality.

7. What do you like best about Triumph?

The best part of Triumph is how tangible the work is. I’m working directly with physical motorbike parts most days and any design improvements I cause on new bikes in development, I could see on the road in a couple of years when they are released to the public which is very motivating.

8. How have you progressed whilst working at Triumph?

Since starting work at Triumph I have gained so much useful hands on experience about electrical systems within the automotive space, even on EV inverters and motors from the TE-01 team. I’m now able to take a set of requirements and create useful physical system using off the shelf parts. I’ve also learned how to use industry software, like VeSys and FAMOS, which will be useful throughout my career.

9. What did the recruitment process involve when you applied to work at Triumph?

I saw the job listing and applied with my CV and cover letter, then had to complete some online tests. After that I was invited to an online interview, which lasted around an hour where we talked about why I chose to study engineering, my third year project that I was working on at that time and some automotive technical questions.

10. Describe Triumph in 3 words

Challenging, Friendly and Collaborative.



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