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Electrical Development Technician - Karl



1) How long have you worked for Triumph?

28 years.

2) What education did you have prior to working for Triumph?

I left school with CSEs / O Levels.

3) Why did you choose to work for Triumph?

If I’m really honest money was the reason. I was already working in my dream job for Saracen Mountain Bikes but had just bought a house and wanted to start a family, so the security of Triumph enticed me.

4) Where else have you worked within Triumph?

I worked in assembly for 19 years, the Design workshop for 6 years, EMS for 2 years and have now progressed to the Test & Development team within EES.

5. What work do you get involved in on a day-to-day basis at Triumph?

My day-to-day role is very varied but involves fitting data logging equipment to bikes before testing, processing data, maintaining our fleet of development bikes, harness modifications, DPT tests and various rig tests.

6. What role do you have within your team at Triumph and how do they help you?

I am a Technician in the Test & Development team, within Electrical (EES). I work with a great team of people who are fully committed to doing the best job they possibly can and give support and guidance whenever needed.

7. What do you like best about Triumph?

The people I work with, we are like a band of brothers.

8. How have you progressed whilst working at Triumph?

I have worked in assembly for 19 years, were I worked on the engine line chassis line, packing line and rectification area. This enabled me to learn the skill set required to move to the Design workshop as a Technician, where I have worked on numerous projects. I have also worked as a Technician in EMS and am now a Technician in the Electrical workshop in Test & Development team.

9. What did the recruitment process involve when you applied to work at Triumph?

I came to the factory for an evening of tests and a factory tour, after which I was selected for interview. I then had a line trail on the engine line, one more afternoon of practical tests with the engine line team leader and finally a medical.

10. Describe Triumph in 3 words

Fun, family, secure.




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