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"Should I get a motorcycle?" "Of course you should!"

Do you regularly dream of breaking through traffic jams and riding off to freedom? Do you often outstay your welcome in WH Smith by flicking through all the bike magazines (even though you don't actually own a bike)? Or strain your neck every time the guttural rumble of a triple cylinder growls past?

We understand. It's a serious affliction that, once it's under your skin, has only one effective treatment... need to buy a motorcycle!

But, joking aside, if you're genuinely stuck for answers to that most important of questions – should I buy a motorcycle? – then here are 9 reasons to get you started:

1. Power

Ahhhh, power. There's something about sitting astride high-performance precision engineering, and demonstrating your mastery of the motorcycle every time you ride. On a bike, you feel the power of the machine directly because you are the force that's controlling the power. Remember that without you, a bike falls over. But when you ride it and ride it well, the power you feel is immediate and, for most of us mortals, utterly invigorating.

2. Freedom

Yes, okay, you could get in the car and drive out into the middle of nowhere. But do the same thing on a bike and it can feel so much more liberating because somehow you're always more a part of the scenery when you're riding it as opposed to driving through it. It's this feeling of 'oneness' that gives a distinct feeling of 'freedom' that you get with a motorcycle that you don't get with a car.

3. Acceleration

Obviously when you get your bike you're always going to ride responsibly, but sometimes it's appropriate to open the throttle a bit and zip off safely into clear space ahead with the kind of acceleration that even sports car drivers can only dream of. As sensible riders, the adrenaline rush of pulling a couple of G's isn't something we'd necessarily advocate as a rule, but when you need to do it, do it safely, and enjoy the buzz.

4. 'That' sound

It gets you. Whether it's the deep growl of a cruiser or the roar of a roadster, there's no doubt that the sound we make when we ride is one of the reasons we ride. We're not even going to try and objectively quantify this; there's just something, well, really cool about it...!

5. 'Those' looks

Many argue convincingly that to get the best motorcycling experience you should get a bike which you find aesthetically pleasing. The kind of 'heart misses a beat when you look at it' aesthetically pleasing. They have a point.

6. Low comparative costs

Never mind the low road tax rates, have a look at the miles per gallon figures for a motorcycle, and then compare it with similar stats for cars. Even Triumph's Rocket III – which at 2,294cc boasts the largest mass-produced motorcycle engine in the world – runs at an average 53.7mpg at 56mph. As a broad yardstick, you'd be hoping for around 30mpg from even a small n sensible 1.6 petrol car.

7. Bypass jams

Once again, this is something that has to be done with care, but ambling past stationary cars, buses, vans and trucks is ridiculously satisfying. As is getting to your destination in good time, of course.

8. Parking

Be part of a long car park queue, before finally getting in only to spend another 20 minutes trying to find a space to squeeze your car into, or trundle up to the front and simply slot your bike into somewhere really convenient.

9. The whole amazing experience!

It would be easy for us to get all mystical and poetic about the overall riding experience, but 'experience' is the key word here. Like all things in life, you really need to buy a motorcycle and experience the thrills, exhilaration, happiness, and sheer satisfaction of the ride for yourself in order to truly understand what everyone else is getting out of it.

And the only way to do that is to dive in and get a motorcycle for yourself.

By doing so you'll be joining a very happy and very friendly community!

What type of motorcycle should I get?

For most people, the biggest limiting factor is budget. So consider what you can afford to spend, but also consider also what you want to use your motorcycle for. You might want your bike for the road, or off-road, or the track, or a combination of all three, and this is why different Triumph motorcycles are produced in 'genres' that include "Adventure & Touring", "Modern Classics", "Cruisers" and "Roadsters & Supersports" – all are designed to help you get the most from your ride, depending on what you want from your ride.

How to buy a motorcycle

If the thought of going through the process of buying a bike sounds a bit daunting, then have a quick read of our "How to buy a motorcycle" article to get an overview of what to expect.

If it helps, it's worth bearing in mind that all Triumph dealers are motorcycle experts who love meeting other motorcycle enthusiasts, and will happily answer absolutely any questions you might have about getting a motorcycle.

Should you get a motorcycle? Naturally you have to decide for yourself, but all we can say is that at Triumph we're all passionate motorcycle enthusiasts; dedicated to providing our customers with the very best in motorcycle riding experiences...

...and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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