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The best motorcycle pants

When assessing what constitutes ‘the best motorcycle pants’, there are a couple of things to take into consideration. First of all we need to clarify that by using the cosmopolitan term ‘pants’ we mean ‘legwear’. And secondly, when we think about any kind of riderwear, we naturally think in terms of ‘style’, ‘comfort’ and ‘protection’. Given those two qualifications, let’s see what factors might combine to make the best motorcycle pants.


The best motorcycle pants for practical riding

Most riders would expect their preferred riding legwear to have a certain level of durability and maybe a little bit of padding. It’s why we don’t wear everyday jeans or trousers when we’re on our bikes. And there’s no reason to these days now that there’s a huge choice of CE-certified (or other local safety or quality standard) riderwear, and seeing as the clothing technology that goes into making them has advanced so far in recent years.

The best motorcycle pants will enhance your ride, it’s that simple.

There’s an obvious way of instantly assessing the suitability of riderwear sold in the EU in terms of safety standards, and that is to look for the words “CE-certified” on the label or a product description. CE-certified products have earned their certification by meeting certain requirements when tested for impact and abrasion. As a result, you can buy padded motorcycle pants that use absorbent pads developed with D30® Technology, there are waterproof motorcycle pants that feature Gore-Tex® or Tritex technology, and you’ll find yet more legwear that uses Cordura® technology, which is a synthetic fibre usually blended into garments that is particularly efficient at resisting abrasions, tears and scuffs.

The best motorcycle jeans for men

In recognition of the many and varied kinds of motorcycle riders there are, Triumph produce a wide range of motorcycle clothing for men, under style and comfort categories that include ‘Adventure’, ‘Classics’, ‘Cruisers’ and ‘Roadsters’. So whether you ride a Tiger 800, a Bonneville T120, a Bonneville Bobber, or a Street Triple, you have every chance of finding the best motorcycle pants to match both your motorcycle and riding style among the official Triumph range.

The best motorcycle jeans for women

As mentioned previously, comfort, style and protection are all important factors when choosing motorcycle legwear, which is why Triumph produces an excellent high quality selection designed for ladies too. For example, Mia Jeans, Ladies Skinny Riding Jeans, and the Cara Jean are all examples of motorcycle pants especially tailored for a ladies fit.

Before you purchase legwear for motorcycle riding, you should think carefully about factors including style, comfort and protection as well as the type of motorcycle you ride and the kind of aesthetic statement you want to make. Not all items of clothing suit everyone’s tastes, after all.

So while choosing the best motorcycle pants for you is ultimately an entirely subjective decision, at least you can be sure that with Triumph there’s a huge range of clothing to choose from, and it’s also been designed especially for riding.


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