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See how to choose the best motorcycle sunglasses for your ride...

For many of us, popping on the shades during a beautiful sunny day can add an extra shot of 'cool' to our ride.

But let's face it, looks aren't everything, and motorcycle eyewear is in fact a fairly serious topic about which we should ponder benefits such as the reduction of glare from the sun, and defence against hapless insects... well as one or two other important matters you might not have thought about.

How to choose motorcycle sunglasses

On the face of it, the basic reason we wear motorcycle sunglasses is simple; to enable better vision on a sunny day.

But it's only when you take a closer look at the implications of this rather critical benefit, that you begin to understand that not all sunglasses are created equal. And in fact, some may even cause a certain amount of harm.

Just like sun tan cream, a good pair of motorcycle sunglasses should provide a level of protection from harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays. If you get a cheap ineffective pair that doesn't offer such protection then it's worse than not wearing any at all... the tint would cause your pupils to dilate, through which then would pour more dangerous UV rays than otherwise would have found their way into your eyes without the cheap glasses.

The solution? Before you buy, look for the magic letters "UV" and then a big number (e.g. UV 400 to help avoid scorching your retinas, or worse).

One other consideration is actual physical protection. Most of us can recount unavoidable hard-shelled insect encounters, or riding incidents in which some stone or other object flicked up from a road surface and pinged off our bike or our actual person.

What could happen if some such object hit our eye doesn't bear thinking about, so make sure the old motorcycle goggles are strong enough and built to withstand such dangers.

So; strong, UV resistant, anything else?

Well, yes. Certain atmospheric conditions can cause fogging on surfaces that we normally rely on to see through, such as helmets and sunglasses. This can happen if the air is cold and the heat from your face is warm, but fog-resistant lenses in your motorcycle eyewear will minimise that and keep everything beyond your nose all lovely and clear.

Speaking of helmets...

Best sunglasses for a motorcycle helmet

A helmet is of course designed to fit nice n' tight around your head, which means that anything else that you choose to slide in over your ears needs to be as ergonomically sympathetic as possible.

For most people, having anything too tightly around their head is eventually going to cause a mild but annoying headache; which is coincidentally one of the very last things you want when you're riding.

This means that as well as being strong, UV-friendly and anti-fog, your motorcycle sunglasses should also be light and comfortable to wear, preferably with foam padding on the inside to help minimise the extra pressure on your face. It's also going to help if they have an aerodynamic wraparound design so they won't feel like they're trying to escape from your face the whole time you're on the move.

There's lots to think about, but remember, at Triumph we're here to do whatever we can to make your ride as enjoyable as it possibly can be... which is why we recommend these superb stylish motorcycle sunglasses!

Well, whoever said that looking cool had to be complicated?

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