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How important are motorcycle boots?

When was the last time you saw a top-class footballer wearing wellington boots for a big match?

While this isn't a serious question, of course, it is an indirect way of quickly illustrating how important motorcycle boots are.

All of us in everyday life wear footwear that is 'fit for purpose' without giving it much thought. It makes sense to have footwear that's appropriate for whatever activity you're participating in; it's why we don't wear flip-flops for jogging, or slippers for skiing.

Why wear motorcycle boots?

So it's not a huge leap of logic to surmise that it's entirely appropriate (and necessary) to wear motorcycle boots when we're riding a motorcycle.

But why, exactly?

To ascertain this, we need to understand what motorcycle boots are actually used for. And why they're designed the way they are.

In the first instance, motorcycle boots should be comfortable and weatherproof. When you're riding, your feet are quite exposed. And you might have the greatest motorcycle in the world, but if your feet are cold and wet or your toes are pinching, you're not going to enjoy your ride quite so much.

But of course, motorcycle boots aren't just about keeping the rain off.

Think about when you stop. You will, quite naturally, put a foot or two down to stabilise yourself. Road surfaces vary, even if you just use a motorcycle to commute, so the best motorcycle boots are going to be equally at home in terms of grip whether you've stopped on smooth tarmac, gravelly road, or for that matter a wet, dry, or dusty surface. In addition, bikes are heavy, so you need footwear that's going to provide support to your foot and ankle while you're waiting for that red light to turn green.

Now think about when you're riding. You'll want your motorcycle boots to be tough enough to allow you to actively change gear repeatedly without causing any undue strain to the top of your left foot, and also to apply your rear brake without fear of your foot slipping if it’s wet.

Which motorcycle boots should I buy?

So the best motorcycle boots need to be comfortable, weatherproof, tough and sturdy, with a good grip.

The next thing to consider is what kind of motorcycle riding you're undertaking.

Are you into touring? A lover of motocross? Racing on a track day? Or maybe just commuting? Motorcycle boots for racing are different from motorcycle boots for cruisers, for example; the former provide a stiff super-sleek kind of aerodynamic shell that aren't particularly great for walking around in, while with the latter you can park up and still look every bit as good off the bike as on it.

The final consideration is where to buy your boots. Many riders avoid buying second hand boots, so have a browse on the Triumph website as there’s a super range of motorcycle boots for all styles of riding that are available through your local Triumph dealer.

As for the cost, these days suitable motorcycle boots come in prices to suit all budgets.

So you can leave your wellies at home...!

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