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Bobber Build-Off


Triumph Glasgow


Triumph Glasgow has taken inspiration from its previous Bobber projects such as 'The GUN' and the 'Supercharged Bobber', as well as their Triumph heritage to create a high quality, one-off custom Bobber.

To start the Bobber Build Off project Glasgow researched previous design challenges such as Triumph TFC Builds and The Essence Turbo Bobber,  and visited the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience for a final burst of inspiration and brainstorming. 

Triumph Glasgow's very own Financial Director, Mike Robins, was previously invited by Robin Barr, chairman of Irn-Bru, to the 100-year anniversary of the brand, a brand with a long and prosperous heritage similar to Triumph's. They investigated the connection between Triumph and Irn-Bru and noticed their global coverage, heritage and the expansion of these two lifestyle brands. 

This left Triumph Glasgow with the unanimous theme: 

"We are driven to build the best Bobber in the world. The Irn-Bru Bob-BARR. Made in Scotland. From Girders"


Martin Rees, Mike Robins, Kernie Shimmins -  Design and approvals

Scott Smith - Project manager

James Sheridan - Technician

Naomi Lauder - Marketing support

Simon Cochran - Sales and support


Triumph Glasgow decided to redesign the Bobber using Irn-Bru's most popular symbol of the last 100 years. The aesthetics are designed to appear as a Diet Irn-Bru can, with a polished aluminium look on the tank, created by acid-dipping it with 18 layers of lacquer.

key features

The team has incorporated numerous special features to make its Bobber fit into the Irn-Bru inspired design. Additions to the bike such as the heritage Irn-Bru design and custom tin-pull filler cap and a range of Triumph accessories make this Bobber one of a kind. 

how to vote

Vote for Irn-Bru Bob-BARR by Triumph Glasgow on our Triumph UK Facebook page. Simply like the Facebook album to vote for your favourite. 

Voting closes Thursday 29th August at 10.00am. Any votes submitted after this time will not be counted.