All new Thunderbird Commander and Thunderbird LT

    New Thunderbird Commander 

    Our new 2014 Thunderbird Commander gives the ‘fat custom’ segment a thoroughly British twist. Dominate every situation, whether in town, on country roads or on the motorway. 

    The bike’s new seat design brings an even higher level of riding comfort yet maintains a low seat height, making the Commander available to a wide range of riders. 

    The Commander also enjoys high quality foot-boards featuring replaceable skid plates and an adjustable heel/toe gear lever. 

    Further practical touches include a coded key immobiliser and a massive 22 litres fuel tank.

    Propelled by the World’s largest capacity parallel twin motorcycle engine, the beating heart of the new Commander generates a torque-rich riding experience. 

    The 1699cc eight-valve, DOHC engine’s uneven 270° firing interval and long-stroke design produces a potent 94PS (93bhp) at 5400rpm and a huge 151Nm (111lb.ft) of torque at just 3550rpm.

    Coupled with revised steering geometry to accommodate new, ultra-wide, 17 inch tyres, the new Thunderbird Commander showcases Triumph’s commitment to handling excellence and manageability. 

    The Thunderbird Commander comes in two striking two-tone paint options - Lava Red / Crimson Sunset or Phantom Black / Storm Grey and will be available in authorised dealers in Spring 2014.

    New Thunderbird LT

    Triumph’s striking new 2014 Thunderbird LT (Light Touring) has been developed for the classic touring cruiser market, which appreciates retro styling, world-class engineering and great handling. 

    Broad chrome embellishers on the new mudguards, generous chrome highlights around the windshield and yokes, single front headlight and massive wire-spoked wheels are just a few of the style motifs of the new LT. 

    Elsewhere, the LT boasts one-off Triumph tank badges, white piping around the sumptuous seat, a 1930s art deco-style rear indicator and LED tail light assemblies. 

    An eye-catching pair of removable leather saddle bags, auxiliary spot lamps and the World’s first white-walled radial tyres riding on wide, wire-spoked rims, all come as standard item on the LT. 

    The LT comes with a look-over windshield which is secured firmly in place by spring-loaded retainers yet, when unlocked, can be detached by hand in a matter of seconds to give a completely different look and feel to the bike. 

    The high quality rider and pillion foot-boards feature replaceable skid plates and an adjustable heel/toe gear lever for the rider. 

    Handlebars are slightly raised, sweeping back across the tank for a classic custom cruiser feel which delivers the bar grips at a sensible, comfortable angle.

    The Thunderbird LT shares the Commander’s powerplant which at 1699cc, produces 94PS at 5400rpm and a huge 151Nm of torque at just 3550rpm. 

    Matching features of the Commander the Thunderbird LT includes a coded key immobiliser and a massive 22 litres fuel tank.

    Available from authorised Triumph dealers in Spring 2014, the Thunderbird LT is available in Caspian Blue / Crystal White or Lava Red / Phantom Black.