The Triumph A2 licence ready line-up

    The unique thrill and exhilarating experience of opening up the throttle of a motorcycle can’t be put into words. But for those of you who get the riding bug early and want to start riding as soon as possible, there could a few hoops to jump through.

    If you’re under 24 years-old and new to motorcycling, there could be restrictions to the type of motorcycle you can ride and licence you can possess. But don’t worry, help is at hand…

    What is an A2 Motorcycle Licence?

    Essentially, the A2 licence helps motorcyclists develop the confidence and skills needed when riding larger motorcycles, and plugs the gap between the A1 Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) limitations of a 125cc engine, and the medium and larger sized engines associated with an A or full motorcycle licence. The difference between a full A licence and an A2 is that you’re restricted to a specific level of power output from your ride.

    What type of motorcycle licence do I need?

    If you want to ride in the UK aged between 19 and 24, these restrictions will apply:

    • Your motorcycle will have a power output limit of 35kW/47bhp, and a power-to-weight ratio of no more than 0.2kW/0.26bhp per kg
    • The power output limit will remain in place for a period of two years

    However, once you have ridden on an A2 licence for the mandatory two year period, you can take the Progressive Access Route towards your full motorcycle licence, as long as you meet these requirements:

    • You are aged at least 21 years-old
    • You have held your A2 licence for at least two years
    • You have passed all related theory tests

    Can I ride a Triumph on an A2 licence?

    The restrictions of an A2 licence mean that for a couple of years at least, high-powered motorcycles including Triumphs would potentially be out of reach for many new riders under 24 years-old. But not having a full licence yet, doesn’t mean you have to restrict your fun.

    Triumph has an A2 licence ready line-up. Despite the limitations put on the power, you can still ride a range of expertly designed and crafted Triumph motorcycles. From the fun and accessible rideability of the Street Scrambler, Street Cup and Street Twin, to the timeless style of the Bonneville T100 and T100 Black and the thrilling all new Street Triple S, there’s a Triumph for everyone.

    What’s the difference to a motorcycle’s performance?

    All models that make up the A2 ready line-up are more than capable of keeping their high torque performance and smooth engine delivery. Aside from the A2 Street Triple S where it comes as standard, the rest of the A2 ready range are simply fitted with a restriction kit at a Triumph dealership. The good news?.. the bikes are just as easily converted back to full power to release their full potential. So once your full A licence is obtained, you just keep riding.

    The coolest club in the world, the unique thrill of the ride, the Triumph A2 ready line-up.

    Triumph street twin riding shot with A2 license compliance graphic