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Our distinctive Tiger 800 and 1200 motorcycle ranges are designed with all the triple-engine power, technology, commanding ride and comfort that you need for truly epic adventures from every day road focussed riding to long-distance journeys, together with advanced capability and agile handling for incredible off-road capability and fun.

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To showcase the Tigers’ outstanding capability and versatility, we asked some of our favourite adventure enthusiasts to give us their exclusive personal insights into why they love their Tiger.




A super-talented stunt rider based in Las Vegas, Nick Brocha (aka ‘Apex’) is used to pushing what’s possible on a motorcycle to its absolute limit.  And ever since his first adventure riding experience (in the Colorado Mountains on a Tiger 800) he loves nothing more than a Tiger escapade, even honeymooning on a Tiger 1200; “England to Italy, 4,000 miles, 3 weeks, living out of saddlebags.  It was incredible, and we can’t wait to do it again!”

Clearly Nick rates the road-going comfort of a Tiger, but he relishes leaving the tarmac behind as well. “The Tigers have an allure, and they’re so capable,” he says. “On so many occasions I thought this may be too much this time, but the bike ate it up!  When you have something that’s not only a utility knife but an extremely sharp one then it’s very liberating.”

Nick also rates Tiger technology, saying that it’s valuable, seamless, and well thought out; “No gimmicks, just solid tech.”  And when asked what encouragement he would give someone thinking about getting a Tiger for adventure riding, Nick is emphatic; “Do it, it’ll be the most rewarding riding you’ll ever do!  See just how great these bikes are,” before adding, “Get out and make stories people want to listen to!” 

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To explore what the Tiger has to offer, book your test ride via the link below.