Open Brief

    “Use the power of engineering to solve a real world problem.”

    Detailed Brief

    Research and identify a real world problem of your choice, and show how design and engineering has the ability to improve the lives of others. Immerse yourself in the world of the user and fully understand their needs. Then, let your imagination and creativity run wild to create something innovative and well considered.

    You should aim to include some form of mechanical or electrical technology within your submission, though this must be relevant for your product or system. Alternatively you should ensure you demonstrate high levels of validation testing and evaluation using prototypes, calculations, CAD and mass production considerations as appropriate for your design.

    Judging Criteria

    There are five main judging criteria we’ll be considering when we look at your projects. Try and make sure you’ve incorporated something from each of the below to make your project stand out.


    Demonstrate that your concept will work in the real world by considering manufacturability, testing, materials, ease of use and that you have appropriately benchmarked and evaluated existing solutions to your problem. We want to see why you made the decisions you made, why did you choose a specific material, concept or method of production, so make sure you lay it out clearly in your submission.


    Show us how you have developed an original proposal. The judges will be looking for something that distinguishes your project from all other applications. We are always excited by ideas that we have never seen before.


    Explain how you have considered the environmental and social impact of your project to minimise waste or benefit the environment or communities.


    With any great idea, however big or small, you’ll need your product to be financially viable with a suitable market. Present to us the commercial side of your product and how you would make it profitable or reduce cost to the customer. How much will your product cost to produce? Do you have any exciting ideas about a potential business that might arise from the sale of your product?


    It is rarely a case of form over function, or indeed function over form. We need you to incorporate both. We appreciate functional, yet elegant, well designed and well-made solutions that look beautiful, well considered and appropriate for the user and task in hand.