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The most famous name in motorcycling. Bonneville stands for freedom, open roads, independence and some of the most stylish motorcycles ever made.

Still looking, sounding and feeling like a proper motorcycle should, today’s Bonnie connects you to over 50 years of heritage but is built with everything that comes with modern engineering too.

We’ve made sure that, to this day, a Bonneville retains all that's great about the name. You still get the breathtaking looks on a bike that is dependable enough for everyday use, easy and fun to ride. All at an entry level price. So you can still feel the same ride today as they did way back.

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Arrow 2/2 Exhaust System
Arrow 2/2 Exhaust System RRP £995.00
Arrow 2/1 Exhaust System
Arrow 2/1 Exhaust System RRP £750.00
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - Pair
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - Pair RRP £450.00
Saddlebag Classic
Saddlebag Classic RRP £395.00
High Flow Silencers
High Flow Silencers RRP £395.00
Quick Release Longhaul Screen
Quick Release Longhaul Screen RRP £325.00
Quick Release Summer Screen
Quick Release Summer Screen RRP £325.00
Single Seat and Rack Kit
Single Seat and Rack Kit RRP £295.00
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved RRP £295.00
King and Queen Seat
King and Queen Seat RRP £250.00
Passenger Backrest Standard- Chrome
Passenger Backrest Standard- Chrome RRP £250.00
Passenger Backrest Low - Chrome
Passenger Backrest Low - Chrome RRP £240.00
Single Seat
Single Seat RRP £230.00
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - LHS
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - LHS RRP £225.00
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - RHS
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - RHS RRP £225.00
Tacho Conversion Kit
Tacho Conversion Kit RRP £219.00
Gel Seat
Gel Seat RRP £200.00
Centre Stand Kit
Centre Stand Kit RRP £195.00
Grab Rail   Chrome
Grab Rail Chrome RRP £175.00
Luggage Rack - Chrome
Luggage Rack - Chrome RRP £150.00
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