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From a cross-town hop to an intercontinental tour, the America LT will take you there in style. Based on the engine, chassis and legendary styling of our America, the LT adds a layer of touring capability and an enviable range of factory fitted extras designed to make those longer distances a breeze. All the while maintaining the traditional deep chrome and polished detailing demanded of a classic cruiser, of course.

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Adjustable Highway Peg mounting kit
Adjustable Highway Peg mounting kit RRP £115.00
Triumph U Lock, 270mm
Triumph U Lock, 270mm RRP £110.00
Passenger Backrest Bar Rack Kit
Passenger Backrest Bar Rack Kit RRP £100.00
Passenger Footboard Mounting Kit
Passenger Footboard Mounting Kit RRP £95.00
Highway pegs logo - Chrome
Highway pegs logo - Chrome RRP £95.00
Chrome Line Highway Pegs
Chrome Line Highway Pegs RRP £95.00
Cam Cover - Chrome
Cam Cover - Chrome RRP £95.00
Chain Guard - Chrome
Chain Guard - Chrome RRP £90.00
Triumph Disc Lock
Triumph Disc Lock RRP £80.00
Fixed Highway Peg Mount
Fixed Highway Peg Mount RRP £70.00
Leather Tank Cover
Leather Tank Cover RRP £55.00
Knee Pad Kit
Knee Pad Kit RRP £55.00
Axle nut covers - Chrome
Axle nut covers - Chrome RRP £55.00
Machined Throttle Body Cap
Machined Throttle Body Cap RRP £50.00
Restrictor Kit 34PS
Restrictor Kit 34PS RRP £35.00
Lifter Arm Cover - Chrome
Lifter Arm Cover - Chrome RRP £35.00
Oil Filler Cap - Machined
Oil Filler Cap - Machined RRP £25.00
Machined Choke Knob
Machined Choke Knob RRP £25.00
Auxilliary power socket
Auxilliary power socket RRP £25.00
CNC Machined Clutch Cable Guide
CNC Machined Clutch Cable Guide RRP £25.00
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