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Apex after apex the new Daytona 675 inspires complete confidence.  More power, lighter weight, and easier to ride, our engineers ambition was simple: to create the most perfectly balanced motorcycle.  An equal blend of torque, responsiveness, agility, poise and purpose. The result is a bike with class-defining power, performance and handling. A bike that will inspire total confidence. And looks every bit as good.

The engine is brand new featuring twin injectors per cylinder, titanium valves, a 14,400 red line, and a spine tingling induction roar.  It's faster on the track, better on the road and even more satisfying to own.

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Arrow Slip-On Silencer
Arrow Slip-On Silencer RRP £599.99
CNC Machined Adjustable Rearsets
CNC Machined Adjustable Rearsets RRP £400.00
Alarm Kit   Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit Thatcham Approved RRP £299.99
Quickshifter RRP £295.00
Tail Tidy
Tail Tidy RRP £180.00
Machined Alloy Short Levers - Radial
Machined Alloy Short Levers - Radial RRP £149.99
Machined Alloy Levers - Radial
Machined Alloy Levers - Radial RRP £149.99
Moulded Sports Tank Bag
Moulded Sports Tank Bag RRP £130.00
Frame Protectors
Frame Protectors RRP £130.00
Colour Coordinated Seat Cowl
Colour Coordinated Seat Cowl RRP £130.00
Engine Cover Protectors
Engine Cover Protectors RRP £119.99
Moulded Sports Tail Pack
Moulded Sports Tail Pack RRP £100.00
Comfort Rider Seat
Comfort Rider Seat RRP £100.00
Triumph Disc Lock
Triumph Disc Lock RRP £80.00
Paddock Stand - Front
Paddock Stand - Front RRP £80.00
CNC Machined Front Brake Reservoir
CNC Machined Front Brake Reservoir RRP £70.00
LED Clear Rear Light Unit
LED Clear Rear Light Unit RRP £70.00
Alloy LED Rear Indicators
Alloy LED Rear Indicators RRP £60.00
Alloy LED Front Indicators
Alloy LED Front Indicators RRP £60.00
CNC Machined Rear Brake Reservoir
CNC Machined Rear Brake Reservoir RRP £55.00
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