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Sometimes you need a bike that can do everything – a perfect all-rounder. One day you need two-up touring, the next could be commuting.  Sometimes you just want a back-road sports bike. The new Tiger Sport 1050 meets many demanding roles. 

With its sharper handling and punchier performance, we haven’t just made slight tweaks here. The bike is all-new from the rear of the fuel tank back, and just about everything you can see has changed over the previous Tiger 1050.

As a result, the Tiger Sport has been improved on all fronts with better performance, better handling, better ergonomics for passenger and rider, an increased load-carrying ability, more practicality, leaner looks and exceptional detailing and build quality.

So you get a bike that‘s not only great for sports riding but it's also a better tourer and everyday workhorse. The Tiger Sport is a totally different animal.

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Arrow Slip On Silencer
Arrow Slip On Silencer RRP £675.00
2 Box Pannier Kit
2 Box Pannier Kit RRP £640.00
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved RRP £295.00
Seat Comfort Dual 3DNet
Seat Comfort Dual 3DNet RRP £250.00
Top Box - Powered
Top Box - Powered RRP £240.00
Low Comfort Dual Seat
Low Comfort Dual Seat RRP £200.83
Engine Protection Bars
Engine Protection Bars RRP £195.00
Centre Stand Kit
Centre Stand Kit RRP £195.00
TPMS   Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System RRP £195.00
Heated Grip Kit
Heated Grip Kit RRP £180.00
High Touring Screen
High Touring Screen RRP £165.00
Magnetic Sports Tank Bag
Magnetic Sports Tank Bag RRP £150.00
CNC Machined Levers - Long
CNC Machined Levers - Long RRP £150.00
Machined Alloy Short Levers
Machined Alloy Short Levers RRP £147.00
Sliding Carriage Kit
Sliding Carriage Kit RRP £140.00
Sports Tail Pack
Sports Tail Pack RRP £125.00
2 Box Pannier Lid Kit
2 Box Pannier Lid Kit RRP £123.59
Triumph U Lock, 270mm
Triumph U Lock, 270mm RRP £110.00
Lid Cover Kit, Top Box
Lid Cover Kit, Top Box RRP £100.00
Pannier Inner Bag
Pannier Inner Bag RRP £100.00
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