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This motorcycle truly epitomises the spirit of Triumph. Agile, fun, punchy, brimming with character, up for anything and great to look at.

Its 675cc three-cylinder engine bubbles, growls and wails as you wind it up through the gears and, thanks to an all-new chassis, the handling is now even sharper and more intuitive than it's ever been. And that’s saying something.

The bodywork is new too. Colours appear as sharp slashes down the length of the bike from the slender tail section to the lean-looking tank, narrow radiator side cover and the front mudguard. Neatly finished by the striking new wheel design.

You’ll find yourself using the Street Triple for anything from track days to traffic busting.

We’ve created a machine that can turn the dullest regular commute into pleasure trip.

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Performance Pack A
Performance Pack A RRP £800.00
Performance Pack B
Performance Pack B RRP £645.00
Arrow Slip On Silencer
Arrow Slip On Silencer RRP £595.00
CNC Machined Adjustable Rearsets
CNC Machined Adjustable Rearsets RRP £450.00
Quickshifter RRP £295.00
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved RRP £295.00
High Comfort Seat
High Comfort Seat RRP £195.00
TPMS   Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System RRP £195.00
Dual Temperature Heated Grips
Dual Temperature Heated Grips RRP £180.00
Comfort Dual Seat Unit
Comfort Dual Seat Unit RRP £175.00
Colour Coordinated Bellypan
Colour Coordinated Bellypan RRP £160.00 - £164.80
Passenger Grab Handles
Passenger Grab Handles RRP £160.00
Colour Coordinated Fly Screen
Colour Coordinated Fly Screen RRP £154.49
Machined Lever Kit - Standard
Machined Lever Kit - Standard RRP £150.00
Tail Tidy
Tail Tidy RRP £150.00
Machined Lever Kit - Short
Machined Lever Kit - Short RRP £150.00
Engine Cover Protectors
Engine Cover Protectors RRP £135.00
Moulded Sports Tank Bag
Moulded Sports Tank Bag RRP £123.59
Paddock Stand - Front
Paddock Stand - Front RRP £115.00
Frame Protectors
Frame Protectors RRP £115.00
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