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We took the most famous name in motorcycling and gave it some extra 60s style.

Still distinctly a Bonneville with its smooth pulling, fuel injected 865cc parallel twin. We’ve added some visual tweaks like twin peashooter exhausts, chrome engine covers, black instrument surround with tacho, a Triumph logo on the seat, two-tone paint, spoked wheels and fork gaiters.

So, it still looks, sounds and feels like a proper motorcycle should. And it still connects you to over 50 years of heritage but is built with everything that comes with modern engineering too.

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Arrow 2/2 Exhaust System
Arrow 2/2 Exhaust System RRP £925.00
Arrow 2/1 Exhaust System
Arrow 2/1 Exhaust System RRP £715.00
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - Pair
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - Pair RRP £420.00
Accessory Silencers
Accessory Silencers RRP £334.99
Saddlebag Classic
Saddlebag Classic RRP £325.00
Quick Release Longhaul Screen - T100 Only
Quick Release Longhaul Screen - T100 Only RRP £299.99
Quick Release Summer Screen - T100 Only
Quick Release Summer Screen - T100 Only RRP £289.99
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved RRP £289.99
Roadster Screen Kit
Roadster Screen Kit RRP £265.00
Tacho Conversion Kit
Tacho Conversion Kit RRP £229.99
Single Seat and Rack Kit
Single Seat and Rack Kit RRP £224.99
King and Queen Seat
King and Queen Seat RRP £224.99
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - LHS
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - LHS RRP £220.00
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - RHS
Waxed Cotton Saddlebags - RHS RRP £220.00
Passenger Backrest Standard- Chrome
Passenger Backrest Standard- Chrome RRP £214.99
Single Seat
Single Seat RRP £199.99
Passenger Backrest Low - Chrome
Passenger Backrest Low - Chrome RRP £194.99
Summer Screen Kit
Summer Screen Kit RRP £179.99
Centre Stand Kit
Centre Stand Kit RRP £175.00
Luggage Rack - Chrome
Luggage Rack - Chrome RRP £124.99
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