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We have created the ultimate in finely honed, thrilling supersport performance packaged in a stunning streetfighter style, with our Street Triple R.

To start with, there was no better bike than our Street Triple to base it on. It already had the advantage with a class leading engine and awesome, focussed looks.

For the Street Triple R we've added high-end adjustable suspension and radially-mounted four-piston brakes, sharpened the geometry and given it a few visual tweaks that tell you this bike is different.

Nothing else comes close to the Street Triple R.

Street Triple R ABS image
Performance Pack A
Performance Pack A RRP £754.80
Performance Pack B
Performance Pack B RRP £598.80
Arrow Slip On Silencer
Arrow Slip On Silencer RRP £499.99
CNC Machined Adjustable Rearsets
CNC Machined Adjustable Rearsets RRP £400.00
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved RRP £299.99
Quickshifter RRP £259.99
Colour Coordinated Bellypan
Colour Coordinated Bellypan RRP £160.00
Machined Alloy Short Levers - Radial
Machined Alloy Short Levers - Radial RRP £149.99
Comfort Dual Seat Unit
Comfort Dual Seat Unit RRP £149.99
Colour Coordinated Fly Screen
Colour Coordinated Fly Screen RRP £149.99 - £160.00
Machined Alloy Levers - Radial
Machined Alloy Levers - Radial RRP £149.99
Passenger Grab Handles
Passenger Grab Handles RRP £146.99
High Comfort Seat
High Comfort Seat RRP £145.00
Moulded Sports Tank Bag
Moulded Sports Tank Bag RRP £130.00
Dual Temperature Heated Grips
Dual Temperature Heated Grips RRP £125.04
TPMS   Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System RRP £125.00
Engine Cover Protectors
Engine Cover Protectors RRP £124.00
Triumph U Lock, 270mm
Triumph U Lock, 270mm RRP £104.99
Frame Protectors
Frame Protectors RRP £104.99
Colour Coordinated Seat Cowl
Colour Coordinated Seat Cowl RRP £100.00 - £104.99
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