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We built the Tiger 800XC to be just like the Tiger 800, but with a little bit more

Using the rugged Tiger 800 as a starting point, we added a pack of special off-road equipment so you can keep on going when you run out of tarmac.

The three-cylinder engine is the same 800cc triple found in the Tiger 800 so it’s got loads of torque and muscular power. And the tough steel frame and long distance fuel range are from the Tiger 800 too. The added XC is what gives you the next-level off-road ability.

This is a hard-core bike that you can cross continents on, whether or not there are roads going in that direction. Just load it up and go.

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Tiger 800 Performance Pack
Tiger 800 Performance Pack RRP £798.14
Arrow Slip on Exhaust e Marked
Arrow Slip on Exhaust e Marked RRP £526.00
Tiger 800 Protection Pack
Tiger 800 Protection Pack RRP £349.00
Adventure Top Box Kit
Adventure Top Box Kit RRP £300.85
Adventure Fog Light Kit
Adventure Fog Light Kit RRP £299.99
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved RRP £289.99
Engine Protection Bars
Engine Protection Bars RRP £184.99
Centre Stand Kit - Tiger 800 XC
Centre Stand Kit - Tiger 800 XC RRP £162.49
Heated Grip Kit
Heated Grip Kit RRP £158.00
Low Rider Seat
Low Rider Seat RRP £155.00
Comfort Rider Seat
Comfort Rider Seat RRP £155.00
Machined Lever Kit - Standard
Machined Lever Kit - Standard RRP £149.99
Machined Lever Kit - Short
Machined Lever Kit - Short RRP £149.99
Sump Guard
Sump Guard RRP £149.00
Adventure Tail Bag
Adventure Tail Bag RRP £134.99
Adjustable High Screen Kit
Adjustable High Screen Kit RRP £130.00
U Lock Kit, 320mm
U Lock Kit, 320mm RRP £119.99
CNC Machined Footrests - Grey
CNC Machined Footrests - Grey RRP £109.99
Sliding Carriage Kit
Sliding Carriage Kit RRP £109.99
Pillion Comfort Seat
Pillion Comfort Seat RRP £109.99
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