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The purest, hardest performing and most rewarding naked sports motorcycle available today. We took the Speed Triple, the world's first and best factory streetfighter with its head-turning, angry style and its 135PS three-cylinder engine. Then added the best components the motorcycle industry can offer, from Öhlins, Pirelli and Brembo. A plethora of exquisitely designed accessories complete the R transformation – fly screen, belly pan and seat cowl, whilst the Diablo Red radiator shrouds further boast of the R’s pedigree.

The result is the Speed Triple R, cutting edge real world performance to thrill the most committed rider.

Based on the already high performing and agile Speed Triple. The R gives you sharper steering and even better feedback for the most intense, tactile and satisfying ride from any Triumph ever made.

The Speed Triple never tried to hide what it was, a cutting edge sports bike with performance honed for the street. But the R screams it.

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CNC Machined Fork Protectors
CNC Machined Fork Protectors RRP £40.00
Clutch Cable Guide - Red
Clutch Cable Guide - Red RRP £25.00
Clutch Cable Guide - Grey
Clutch Cable Guide - Grey RRP £25.00
LED Flasher Relay
LED Flasher Relay RRP £20.00
CNC Machined Rear Wheel Spacer
CNC Machined Rear Wheel Spacer RRP £20.00