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The Trophy is equipped to tackle huge distance in outstanding comfort, solo or two-up, with an obsessive attention to detail that makes it an even greater pleasure to own and ride.

A technical tour de force with its full ride-by-wire throttle and the most comprehensive package of electronic systems and aids we’ve ever produced. Yet it’s also beautifully stylish and thanks to the 1215cc, three-cylinder engine which powers it, it’s full of character and endowed with huge levels of torque across its rev range.

The Trophy is outstandingly comfortable even by touring bike standards and thanks to some very clever engineering, it’s also exceptionally agile and sharp.

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Alarm Kit  - Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved RRP £293.56
Heated Rider Seat
Heated Rider Seat RRP £262.75
Top Box - Powered
Top Box - Powered RRP £240.00
Heated Passenger Seat
Heated Passenger Seat RRP £231.84
High Touring Screen Quantum Coated
High Touring Screen Quantum Coated RRP £206.00
Paint Protection Kit
Paint Protection Kit RRP £155.08
Heated Low Rider Seat
Heated Low Rider Seat RRP £149.40
Low Rider Seat
Low Rider Seat RRP £149.40
Comfort Rider Seat
Comfort Rider Seat RRP £149.40
Dual Temperature Heated Grips
Dual Temperature Heated Grips RRP £149.34
Comfort Passenger Seat
Comfort Passenger Seat RRP £118.49
Trophy Tank Bag 15 litres
Trophy Tank Bag 15 litres RRP £115.87
Sliding Carriage
Sliding Carriage RRP £113.30
Lid Cover Kit, Top Box
Lid Cover Kit, Top Box RRP £100.00
Top Box Inner Bag
Top Box Inner Bag RRP £75.00
CNC Machined GPS Bracket
CNC Machined GPS Bracket RRP £41.21
Pannier Inner Bag
Pannier Inner Bag RRP £41.20
Top Box Back Rest
Top Box Back Rest RRP £36.06
Front Mudguard Extension
Front Mudguard Extension RRP £26.78