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Its distinctive, charismatic parallel twin engine and class-leading chassis can turn every journey into the trip of a lifetime. The new 2014 Thunderbird LT will transport you with effortless power and style to new adventures with the easy-going, laid-back vibe of a premium classic touring cruiser.

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Silencer Kit - Thunderbird LT
Silencer Kit - Thunderbird LT RRP £375.00
Alarm Kit Thatcham 2-1
Alarm Kit Thatcham 2-1 RRP £295.00
Chrome Engine Dresser Bars
Chrome Engine Dresser Bars RRP £195.00
Comfort Rider Seat
Comfort Rider Seat RRP £190.00
Heated Grip Kit
Heated Grip Kit RRP £180.00
Chrome Rear Dresser Bars
Chrome Rear Dresser Bars RRP £175.00
Deluxe Passenger Backrest Pad
Deluxe Passenger Backrest Pad RRP £175.00
Chrome Luggage Rack
Chrome Luggage Rack RRP £160.00
Comfort Passenger Seat
Comfort Passenger Seat RRP £150.00
Quantum Coated Roadster Screen Blade
Quantum Coated Roadster Screen Blade RRP £150.00
Lower Air Deflectors
Lower Air Deflectors RRP £125.00
Oval Mirrors - Black
Oval Mirrors - Black RRP £125.00
Teardrop Mirrors - Black
Teardrop Mirrors - Black RRP £125.00
Oval Style Mirror - Drilled Stem
Oval Style Mirror - Drilled Stem RRP £125.00
Water Manifold - Chrome
Water Manifold - Chrome RRP £75.00
Washable Air Filter
Washable Air Filter RRP £70.00
Fixed Highway Peg Mount
Fixed Highway Peg Mount RRP £70.00
Fuel filler cap Lockable
Fuel filler cap Lockable RRP £60.00
Auxiliary Power Socket
Auxiliary Power Socket RRP £50.00
Triumph Battery Optimiser
Triumph Battery Optimiser RRP £47.00
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