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The Thruxton is born of the café racer culture that dominated motorcycling in the 1960s.

Back then, British twins, usually Bonneville engines, were used to form the basis of home built bikes. Used to race from one café to another, they featured extensive modifications such as dropped bars, single seats and upswept exhausts.

To this day, we’ve kept many of these styling cues for the modern Thruxton. Named after the high speed British circuit where Triumph enjoyed great success in production racing, it follows in the tyre tracks of the legendary 1960s Thruxton T120R.

And just like those café racers of the 60s, the modern Thruxton is Bonneville based but nowadays, our engineers have made sure it rides like a modern Triumph twin. So it’s dependable enough for everyday use, easy and fun to ride yet still evokes the classic café racer look.

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Arrow 2/2 Exhaust System
Arrow 2/2 Exhaust System RRP £995.00
Arrow 2/1 Exhaust System
Arrow 2/1 Exhaust System RRP £750.00
Accessory Silencer Kit
Accessory Silencer Kit RRP £395.00
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved RRP £295.00
King and Queen Seat
King and Queen Seat RRP £250.00
Gel Seat Dual Touring
Gel Seat Dual Touring RRP £230.00
Single Seat
Single Seat RRP £230.00
Centre Stand Kit
Centre Stand Kit RRP £195.00
Grab Rail   Chrome
Grab Rail Chrome RRP £175.00
Triumph U Lock, 270mm
Triumph U Lock, 270mm RRP £110.00
Skid Plate - Black Anodised
Skid Plate - Black Anodised RRP £100.00
Skid Plate - Anodised Clear
Skid Plate - Anodised Clear RRP £100.00
Side Stand - Chrome
Side Stand - Chrome RRP £95.00
Cam Cover - Chrome
Cam Cover - Chrome RRP £95.00
Chain Guard - Chrome
Chain Guard - Chrome RRP £90.00
Fuel filler cap Lockable
Fuel filler cap Lockable RRP £60.00
Knee Pads
Knee Pads RRP £55.00
Fuel cap billet style
Fuel cap billet style RRP £55.00
Paint Protection Kit - Classics (Models without Rubber Knee Pads)
Paint Protection Kit - Classics (Models without Rubber Knee Pads) RRP £55.00
Machined Throttle Body Cap
Machined Throttle Body Cap RRP £50.00
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