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In the Daytona 675R, we’ve made exceptional the new standard. This is a true track day tool. Focused. Committed. Taking our experience gained on track and road with the outgoing bike and combining the latest developments in engineering technology and thinking, we’re giving you an even faster, better handling, easier riding bike.

The result is a bike which is 1kg (2.2lb) lighter than the old model with a new triple motor that delivers even more power all the way through to 14,400 rpm redline. The new frame geometry, mass centralisation and race-derived Öhlins suspension enables razor sharp handling and confidence-inspiring feedback. Add Brembo brakes, a quickshifter, carbon trim and some subtle styling details and you know you’re riding a true thoroughbred motorcycle.

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Arrow Slip-On Silencer
Arrow Slip-On Silencer RRP £618.00
CNC Machined Adjustable Rearsets
CNC Machined Adjustable Rearsets RRP £360.49
Alarm Kit   Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit Thatcham Approved RRP £293.53
Colour Coordinated Seat Cowl
Colour Coordinated Seat Cowl RRP £133.90
Frame Protectors
Frame Protectors RRP £130.00
Engine Cover Protectors
Engine Cover Protectors RRP £123.59
Moulded Sports Tank Bag
Moulded Sports Tank Bag RRP £123.59
Paddock Stand - Front
Paddock Stand - Front RRP £115.00
Comfort Rider Seat
Comfort Rider Seat RRP £97.86
Moulded Sports Tail Pack
Moulded Sports Tail Pack RRP £97.84
Triumph Disc Lock
Triumph Disc Lock RRP £80.00
LED Clear Rear Light Unit
LED Clear Rear Light Unit RRP £72.10
CNC Machined Front Brake Reservoir
CNC Machined Front Brake Reservoir RRP £66.94
Alloy LED Rear Indicators
Alloy LED Rear Indicators RRP £60.00
CNC Machined Rear Brake Reservoir
CNC Machined Rear Brake Reservoir RRP £55.00
Paint Protection Kit - Gloss
Paint Protection Kit - Gloss RRP £46.33
CNC Machined Fork Protectors
CNC Machined Fork Protectors RRP £36.04
Rubber Tank Pad
Rubber Tank Pad RRP £25.74
Lower Chainguard
Lower Chainguard RRP £25.74
Billet Machined Chain Adjuster Block - Red
Billet Machined Chain Adjuster Block - Red RRP £25.00
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