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In the 1960s, far from civilisation and regular roads, stripped down desert bikes based on Triumph twins and fitted with high level exhausts, dirt bike tyres and suspension were being used for hard recreational fun and competition on tough terrain.

The Scrambler takes its inspiration from these very bikes.

They were highly competitive and most famously were used by Hollywood superstar Steve McQueen for pleasure and in full competition. Including the 1964 International Six Day Trial (ISDT) in East Germany. We built the Scrambler to evoke that spirit of freedom and escape, carefree times when all you needed was a bike and somewhere to ride.

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Arrow Exhaust System
Arrow Exhaust System RRP £750.00
Accessory Silencer Kit
Accessory Silencer Kit RRP £395.00
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved
Alarm Kit - Thatcham Approved RRP £295.00
Single Seat and Rack
Single Seat and Rack RRP £295.00
King and Queen Seat
King and Queen Seat RRP £250.00
Gel Seat
Gel Seat RRP £200.00
Centre Stand
Centre Stand RRP £195.00
Grab Rail   Chrome
Grab Rail Chrome RRP £175.00
Engine Dresser Bars - Black
Engine Dresser Bars - Black RRP £125.00
Triumph U Lock, 270mm
Triumph U Lock, 270mm RRP £110.00
Skid Plate - Black Anodised
Skid Plate - Black Anodised RRP £100.00
Skid Plate - Anodised Clear
Skid Plate - Anodised Clear RRP £100.00
Cam Cover - Chrome
Cam Cover - Chrome RRP £95.00
Chain Guard - Chrome
Chain Guard - Chrome RRP £90.00
Headlamp Grille
Headlamp Grille RRP £75.00
CNC Machined Front Brake Reservoir
CNC Machined Front Brake Reservoir RRP £70.00
Fuel filler cap Lockable
Fuel filler cap Lockable RRP £60.00
Fuel cap billet style
Fuel cap billet style RRP £55.00
Machined Throttle Body Cap
Machined Throttle Body Cap RRP £50.00
Paint Protection Kit - Matt
Paint Protection Kit - Matt RRP £50.00
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